Rare footage shows humpback whales playing under Northern Lights

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The Aurora Borealis is definitely a sight to be hold. There are dozens of photographers who’re doing their best to capture the unique lights display, on camera. Yet, this local photographer in Norway managed to capture something more than that. While testing his equipment for the best shots of the Northern Lights, Harald Albrigtsen, somehow, managed to capture a stunning footage of a group of humpback whales while playing under the surreal lights show.

The next day, the experienced photographer who works for the Norwegian Public Broadcasting, decided to return to the same spot, ready to capture the whales on camera in all of them splendor. “After a few hours I nearly gave up, but then they turned up again,” he said. And the result was something beyond imagination. The once in a lifetime footage was captured off the coast of Kvaløya, near the city of Tromsø, Norway, a favorite feeding place for humpback whales, according to BBC News.

“It was a great feeling when I saw that I had managed to capture the whales under the Northern Lights for two days in a row. I didn’t even know if they were in focus,” Harald Albrigtsen said.

“On my journey, I came suddenly upon a bunch of humpback whales that were playing under the Northern Lights. I went back the following day to see if I could get closer. ,” Harald told to local media. “Many may be getting tired of standard Northern Lights photography. Now, there is an opportunity to capture living beings under the Northern Lights. The possibilities for creating new images are greater.”

Watch the rare footage bellow!

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