Mother elephant helps struggling calf to climb over roadside barrier

A very protective elephant was caught on camera adorably helping her little baby to cross a roadside concrete obstacle to join the rest of the herd. After receiving some extra help from its mum, the calf managed to cross over the barrier and where it joined its elder brother and then they all lost their ways in the forest.

Instagram/ anishkata

A mother elephant and her two calves weer crossing a road in India, when a roadside barrier proved to be too tall for one of the babies. While the mother and the elder brother easily crossed over the obstacle, the third elephant – a few month old calf – was struggling to keep up with its family.

Though it was very determined to follow its family, the concrete barrier proved an obstacle tougher than it thought. At some point it even puts his front legs up, but unsuccessfully. It took the caring mother’s strong trunk for the little thing to finally make it over the roadside block.

Instagram/ anishkata

Anish Kata was on a bicycle ride with some friends, when spotted the family of elephants. Surprised by the “breathtaking sight,” he caught it on his cellphone. Though he was excited than ever to came across such a lovely elephant family, Anish remained at a safe distance. Elephants are extremely protective with their babies, so in situations like this they can be very dangerous if a human gets too close to them.

Instagram/ anishkata

“What we saw was an adorable sight of the mother elephant lifting her baby with her trunk and helping the cute baby elephant cross over,” the man wrote in the video description. “What a beautiful thing to see in the morning.”

Watch the heartwarming scene here:

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