Pride of majestic lions casually parade on a road in South Africa

Regardless how fond of wildlife you are, finding yourself a feet away from a massive wild cat must be pretty intimidating. But what about a dozen of lion males walking towards your car? It is the kind (more like one of a kind) of feeling, this – lucky I have to say – guy had while driving on a road through South Africa’s Kruger park.

Instead of driving away, the man, whose name remained unknown, grabbed his phone and started to film the incredible scene that unfolded right in front of him. The result is an epic footage of a bunch of majestic lions casually parading downstreet.


Even though less than a minute long, the hair-raising footage shows more than a dozen of lions getting too close for comfort of man with the camera. All males – judging by their manes – these lions look they all have one purpose in their mind, to show everyone they own the place as they show off their intimidating stature. The incredible video ends with the man starting the car’s engine and driving away from the massive pride.


Undoubtedly, people have been so impressed after watching the incredible footage. While some of them showed their admiration to these magnificent creatures, other wondered what on Earth such a big lion males group is doing together.


Unusual to see so many males together in one pride. Must be a huge pride, unless it was the morning after a boys night out,” one person wrote. While another one added: “I just can’t get over how majestic and unique they are all in their own personal ways. They really have their very own facial expressions. And they could be related. Not sure but some are very young and some have age on them, so they could be Father, son, cousin, nephew…”

Watch the moment here:

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