Heartwarming footage of a baby duckling falling asleep with a flower hat on her head

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Mother Nature has always been an endless source of joy and good vibes, with the countless animals videos standing in for it. Because – let’s be honest – nothing’s brighten up your day, as an adorable video of a sweet baby animal does. This time, a sleepy duckling dozing off with a flower covering its tiny head, warns hearts all over the place.

Instagram/Mother The Mountain Farm

The short footage, initially emerged on Instagram. Shared online by the Mother The Mountain Farm – an organic farm in Bundjalung Country, Australia – the lovely video immediately gained in popularity with over 20 million views in just a few days.

“A sleepy ducky under a nasturtium flower sun hat, having a nap in the middle of the mint garden,” the video caption reads. “This little one is from our latest batch of Call ducks that hatched two days ago!”

Naturally, since the cute little ducking went so famous on the Internet, the owners of the farm had to find a name for her, and which one to suit her better than Nasturtium. Nonetheless, Nasturtium isn’t the only baby duck at Julia and Anastasia Vanderbyl’s farm, but she’s definitely the sweetest one. Especially when she’s proudly wearing her flower hat.

The sweet Nasturtium is now so popular online, she even inspired artists. Some of them recreated the adorable moment!

Here’s the original footage, shared by the Australian-based farm. Enjoy it!

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