Snow forces zoo to shut down, but cameras catch polar bear having time of his life

Going to the zoo to see all the beautiful animals is a fun and exciting activity for visitors, but have you ever wondered how it would be like to be on the other side of the partition glass? It can get frustrating and quite annoying to have to spend your entire day with people staring and point at you, asking you to do stuff

Oregon Zoo

Animals at the zoo don’t get a day off, not to mention a vacation. But whenever such a rare opportunity occurs, with the zoo shut down for visitors, they make sure to live every second of it to the fullest. Well, at least the polar bear in the video below did it, after the zoo where he currently lives at was forced to shut down due to heavy snow.

Oregon Zoo

After a heavy snow, the Oregon Zoo was forced to shut down, but the polar bear alongside a few other arctic animals that actually enjoy the cold and the snow really took advantage of it. They had a lot of fun! As you can see from this footage captured by zoo staff, the animals really went all in and made the most out of the everything they had at their disposal to play and have the time of their lives.

Take a peek:

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