People discover strange creature wandering around neighborhood – realize it’s an emergency

In November 2018, the denizens of Rocky Point in Long Island, New York stumbled upon a peculiar creature wandering around their locality. It was later determined that the creature was a deer, and it was evident that the unfortunate animal required urgent assistance. The reason being, a sizeable plastic container with an orange tint was stuck on its head.

Strong Island Animal Rescue League

Her photo was shared on social media by the Strong Island Animal Rescue League, with the hope that the deer would find shelter in someone’s yard, giving them an opportunity to offer assistance. The group was well aware that the animal was starving and that the plastic container would eventually become fatal if not removed in time.

Fortunately, their online appeals were effective. Despite avoiding rescue attempts for five days, the female deer eventually stumbled upon a yard and rested on a heap of leaves. The homeowner noticed her presence and promptly alerted the rescue team.

Strong Island Animal Rescue League

As the rescuers drew closer to the deer with a catch pole, she appeared exhausted but still tried to flee. In a swift action, Frankie Floridia, the president of the rescue team, sprang into action by embracing the disheveled doe and placing her gently back on the ground. He quickly removed the container from the animal’s head before she darted out of the yard.

Floridia revealed to The Dodo that he was aware that it was already the fifth day, and any further delay would be the difference between life and death for the deer. “It was a decision I had to make in the moment, and it paid off,” he added.

Strong Island Animal Rescue League

Due to Floridia’s prompt action, the deer was finally rescued and out of danger. With the removal of the container, the deer can now eat and drink, and it is anticipated that she will recover fully and thrive in the wild. Despite sustaining a split lip and scraped knee during the rescue, Floridia stated that it was all worth it.

“Five days was a long time, and I was getting really nervous for her,” the man said. “I think the cold weather is what helped her stay alive, because if this was a hot and muggy summer day, the jar would’ve made it much harder for her to breathe.”

Strong Island Animal Rescue League

Although fortunate, this deer was among the few that received timely aid. Unfortunately, several other animals get ensnared in waste materials and do not receive help on time. Wildlife often sticks their heads inside discarded cans or jars while searching for food, which can prove fatal.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to avoid such incidents. Floridia suggested, “When disposing of waste materials, ensure to cover the containers with lids. Rinse the jars to eliminate food odors, and compress the containers to prevent animals from getting trapped inside. The lives of animals are at stake.”

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