Man check on parrot’s nest – finds unlikely family inside

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Fourteen years ago, while traveling through a forested area close to their home in Brazil, farmer Josemar Milli and his wife spotted something that caught their attention. They stumbled upon two baby parrots stranded on the ground, left helpless by a fallen tree in the woods. Milli and his wife decided to rescue the parrots, an act that would go on to have a greater impact than just saving the birds’ lives. The couple cared for the parrots until they reached maturity, after which one of the birds flew away and was never seen again. The other parrot, however, chose to stay despite having full freedom to leave.

Josemar Milli

Milli named the parrot Louro and the bird was never kept in a cage. Despite having the ability to fly away, Louro remained and has since been able to come and go as she pleases. She always finds a welcome perch on Milli’s shoulder, who lovingly takes care of her.

Josemar Milli

Lately, Milli has noticed a shift in Louro’s behavior. While the parrot used to spend her days exploring the surroundings, she now consistently returned by nightfall. Moreover, for three consecutive nights, Louro slept in a different location than her usual spot at home. During the day, she would perch near a hollow wooden fencepost and seemed to be fixated on it.

Josemar Milli

Intrigued by Louro’s unusual behavior, Milli decided to investigate what had captured the parrot’s attention. Although Louro had previously built a nest in the hollow post, her newfound interest in the spot was unexpected.

This is what he found:

@joseheber2♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

To Milli’s surprise, Louro had stumbled upon a litter of three tiny kittens and had apparently taken them under her wing. It is suspected that a neighbor’s cat had given birth to the kittens in Louro’s nesting spot but had subsequently abandoned them. Without Louro’s help and affection, the kittens might have gone unnoticed and uncared for.


♬ som original – Josemar heber Schmidt Milli

“My daughters will be keeping them!”

Fortunately, with Louro’s help, the kittens were rescued and saved. Although Milli attempted to reintroduce the kittens to their likely parent, the cat continued to reject them. However, with the help of Louro, the kittens not only survived but also found a new loving home with Milli’s daughters.

Josemar Milli

It seems that Louro will continue to stay close, as she has always done. As a wild bird rescued and raised by an unconventional family, it is heartwarming that she went on to do the same for a different species. Despite being free, Louro chose to offer love just as generously as she had received it.


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