Pair of lions appear to be sharing a joke as they stroll through Masai Mara reserve

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An incredible moment showing two majestic male lions strolling through Kenya’s biggest wildlife park is stealing the show. The pair of massive lions have been captured on camera as they were giggling.

The once-in-a-lifetime scene has been captured on camera by South Carolina-based amateur photographer Rose Fleming. The two ‘kings’ appear to be sharing some private jokes and eventually they got terrible amused. Fleming could not believed her eyes was he was actually witnessing and she later described the moment as “freaking awesome.”

“We came upon these two male lions who were out on the Mara looking for some lionesses.” The 49-year-old textile designer from Spartanburg, South Carolina described the unique experience, “they caught a trail of pheromones, simultaneously took a whiff and had these looks on their faces when they picked up their heads.”

Now imagine two imposing lions casually walking down the fields of the Masai Mara and sharing funny jokes!

“Their faces look as if they were sharing a private joke that made them crack up laughing,” Fleming said. “It was absolutely freakin’ awesome. I have never seen that kind of behaviour before – not even on Nat Geo. We watched the pair for a couple of hours.”

h.t: MailOnline

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