‘Our Planet’ viewers left in tears by heartbreaking baby Flamingo scene

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Since it first aired, on April 5th, ‘Our Planet’ has left its viewers emotionally broken. Therefore, if you’re a fan of documentaries that show animals happily living their lives, then the latest Netflix animal series, should not be on your list.

Narrated by the famous Emmy and BAFTA winner Sir David Attenborough, the documentary illustrates the cruel reality of climate change. With eight episodes, ‘Our Planet’ is raising huge warnings about our planet’s future by showing the devastating impact humans had on its environment.  It is heartbreaking how dramatically the environment and the wildlife have changed over the last 50 years.

Even from its first minutes, the show is revealing how “climate change affects East African lesser flamingos in Tanzania’s Serengeti Desert.” The baby flamingo are feeding themselves with a form of algae that grows only in alkaline lakes. But the extremely hot temperatures have dried up the fresh water, so the birds need to flee across the vast salt plains.

While most of the babies cannot fly yet, they are forced to walk almost 50 km to the closest fresh water place. But they need to move really fast, otherwise the salt will solidify around their legs, and the Mother Nature show no mercy with the unlucky ones. While its family is speeding ahead, one tiny chick is struggling to keep it up.

“They may have to trek for 50 kilometres. Some cannot keep up. The salt has solidified around their legs,” Sir David describes the heartbreaking scene. Unsurprisingly, the viewers were left in tears by the sad scene with many taking the social media to describe their feelings regarding the baby flamingo scene.

The scene, as well as the whole documentary is heartbreaking. However we need to face the cruel reality in order to understand how Planet Earth is suffering because of human hand every single day!

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