Orphaned miniature horse finds comfort in friendly dogs, after losing his mom

Life was anything but easy for this mini horse, after his mother abandoned him shortly after birth. However, even orphaned and disabled, Peabody – the world’s tiniest horse – wasn’t short of good fortune. He eventually found comfort in some very unlikely friends, and now his life is so different!

Sadly, Peabody was rejected by his mom for being too small, and he stood no chance. But there was hope, even for tiniest horse in the world. Rescued by a miniature horse trainer in San Diego, after the vets thought euthanization would be the only option, the 6-week-old Peabody now lives a happy life alongside his three dogs best buddies.


“Peabody is the smallest horse in the world at his age,” Faith Smith, the woman that saved him, told SWNS. “Horses are never indoor animals, but Peabody is so small that he could never live outside unless he gets bigger, and we’re not sure if he will. At present, he lives inside the house with the dogs.”


Born disabled, partially blind and deaf, no one gave Peabody a chance, including his previous owner, not even the vets. But when Faith learned about his story, she knew she had to do something for this cute little thing. So she just rented a van and drove all they way to make the tiny horse part of her family.


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With the kind woman’s help, the tiny Peabody learned how to walk and now he’s been following his furry friends almost everywhere, despite being deaf and partially blind. His three French bulldog brothers love him like he’s one of their own, and Faith would never give up on him. He now lives happily, even though he weigh only 19 pounds, which quite unbelievable , even for a mini horse.


“In the beginning, he was really in survival mode,” the woman said. “He was just too scared for love. But he gets along with the dogs now. I’ll keep him forever…”

More about this special mini horse, in the video bellow:

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