Nice vet uses adorable technique to vaccinate dogs without them noticing

A visit to the vet usually brings headaches for most of dog owner, and for the pups themselves. Even a routine visit, let alone those where syringes are involved, our beloved furry companions doesn’t seem to be too fond of vets. After all, who can blame them!?


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However, this devoted vet in Portugal just found a way to turn these ‘unwanted’ visits into an experience dogs really love. André Santos has a really nice technique to approach his visitors, especially when he have to use a syringe. The results are awesome as each of his furry patients always leave his clinic happy.

You can watch André using his adorable technique, here:

Whenever a dog need a vaccine, André turns himself into a dog’s best friends. He not just plays with the dogs and approach them extremely friendly and carefully, but he also offers them treats. In this way, the dogs are even aware of what’s happening and by the time they even realize it, the shot is already done.

“Whenever we do a procedure, we should give a positive treat,” the nice vet said. André added that even his approach might be criticised by some, all his patient adore him and they can’t wait for another visit. Not forget to mention that some of the visits also involve some samba moves. Take a peek:

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