Mother cat adopts baby squirrel and teach him how to purr

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Though the animal kingdom offered lots of heartwarming story, one thing is certain – animals never cease to amaze us! Especially with the kindness and affection showed for those in need of help. And not just once, this empathy went beyond the species border. This time a mother cat and an orphaned baby squirrel are rocking the animals world!


Uncertainly though, this tiny fella named Rocky may be the only squirrel in the world who thinks he’s a cat. And not just because he was feed and raised by a cat, but he also got some habits from his adoptive family – like purring, for instance. If ever thought that only cats are able to purr, then please reconsider it.

Besides his feline skills, Rocky is very lucky to be alive, though. That because, when he was just days old, the unfortunate squirrel feel of a tree and his life dramatically changed since. Thankfully, the poor thing was rescued by the family in whose backyard he feel in. However, they didn’t know too much about how to raise a wild animal, but since they cat Emmy just gave birth, they decided to give it a try and introduce the orphan squirrel to the cat.


A bold move that immediately paid off as Emmy cared for the baby squirrel as he was her own. The cat’s affection saved Rocky’s life, but being raised by a cat comes with some new habits. Now, Rocky thinks he’s a cat and he even purrs – just like his kitten siblings do – when pet.

Watch Rocky and his adoptive family, in the video bellow!

On the other hand, according to wildlife experts, squirrels have their own way of purr – only it is pretty unfamiliar for us – so either Rocky learned how to purr, he would have done it(in a way) anyway. “Squirrels make that buzz/grunt when they are happy to see someone and they want to play, cuddle or eat,” Lila Talcott Travis, the Director of Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue in Oakland, explained for THE DODO.

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