Heartbroken after losing her babies, pit bull finds comfort caring for orphaned puppy

Two very unfortunate stray dogs, have found comfort in each other in the cutest possible way. Their inspiring story won the hearts of millions and it shows that love and affection are enough to overcome any obstacle in life.

It was an extremely cold night when officers from the Animal Control spotted a pit bull wondering the streets of York in South Carolina. The dog named Daya was pregnant, so the officers tried to find her a shelter as quick as possible. They called Halfway There Rescue which agreed to foster the poor dog, at least until she will give birth.

Halfway There Rescue

Sadly, at a medical check things looked worst than anyone thought and Daya had to go surgery right away. She not only just lost her unborn babies, but her life was in a real danger, too. Yet, the pit bull eventually survived, but the thought of losing her puppies heartbroken her.

Halfway There Rescue

Daya’s story has a happy ending, though. The sun shined again for her when an orphaned rescued puppy arrived at the Halfway Rescue. With the tiny Raisin, life was also extremely tough. With an eye badly injured, very scared and confused, the little puppy was also find on the streets of York.

When the staff at the rescue decided to introduce Raisin to Daya, something extremely adorable happened. It was like when you perfectly fix two broken pieces. With a tiny puppy by her side, Daya finally felt how it is to be a mother and Raisin, on the other hand, suddenly found the comfort and the love his mom could never offered.

Halfway There Rescue

The two dogs immediately bonded and their beautiful relationship healed them both. Even though they eventually went on separate ways in their lives, the moment they spent together taught them how to live again. While Daya was adopted by the family who initially fostered her, Raisin also found (after a few attempts) a loving family to adopt him.

Watch the incredible story of these two beautiful souls, bellow!

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