Mom Shares a Stunning Photo of Her Son Standing Next to a Lion In The Zoo

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An unexpected photo illusion left a mother stunned after a zoo trip. When Shanice Moore took her four-year-old son Noah to Colchester Zoo in Essex, she never imagined capturing a once-in-a-lifetime shot. As Noah was entranced by Bailey the lion, resting close to the enclosure glass, Shanice decided to capture the moment.

Only on their way home did Shanice, 28, and her partner Jake Moore notice that one of her pictures made it seem like Noah was right inside the enclosure, cozied up to the lion. Enhancing the humor of the illusion, the words “We eat meat” were conveniently placed at the bottom of the glass.

Amused by the unexpected shot, Shanice remarked, “I just intended to photograph Bailey. I never noticed Noah’s reflection when taking the picture.” She continued, “I shared the image on Facebook, and some wondered if I used Photoshop. But I’m not tech-savvy at all. I couldn’t have made it look this genuine, even with Photoshop.”

The zoo revealed it’s uncommon for Bailey to approach the glass, making the encounter even more special. However, what truly touched Shanice was her autistic son’s reaction. Noah, who is non-verbal and often disengaged during past zoo visits, connected with the lion. Referring to a pet cat at home, he uttered “kitty-kat,” a heartwarming moment for Shanice. Now, she believes lions might be his new favorite animal.

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