Mom asks her dog to “bark softly.” Dog’s response has her cracking up!

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you surely know their barking can get pretty loud sometimes. And it can be pretty embarrassing to try and explain to your neighbors that the reason your dog barks so loud is not because he’s alone or unhappy but because he probably has a lot he wants to communicate.
Well, the dog owner in the video below has somehow managed to master a trick that would surely come in handy to prevent situations like the one described above. The video starts with the woman asking her beautiful dog to bark. Not all dogs bark on demand, but this intelligent dog is able to take things to the next level.
As the video progresses, we can hear the owner making a second request. This time she asks her dog to bark a bit softer. She continues to do so progressively throughout the video. And believe it or not, the dog follows the owner’s commands, and by the end of the video, it sounds like the pup is actually whispering.
As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth the watch. So take a look and don’t forget to share.

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