Meet the African ‘Water Man’ Saving Countless Thirsty Animals

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The climate change is dramatically remodeling the biodiversity and ecosystems on planet Earth. With Africa and Antarctica among the most affected areas. The situation looks alarming in the Tsavo West National Park in Kenya where there wasn’t a single raindrop since June 2018. Here lots of animals species seems to have their fate sealed. But this kind-hearted man decided to keep them alive.

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua is a pea farmer who delivers truckloads of water, everyday for the thirsty animals. And as soon as they heard the sounds of his truck, animals come in a rush to Patrick. He’s carrying 3,000 gallons of water, every single day.

Facebook/Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua

“It was in June last year when visiting the Tsavo that I noticed that the waterholes were dry and animals were sitting around them looking very desperate,” Mwalua told Nairobi Wire.“ There is completely no water, so the animals are depending on humans. If we don’t help them, they will be gone.”

Patrick know that “water is life,” so hopes others will join his noble mission. He has set up a GoFundMe page where people can help him to save those animals. And his beautiful act of compassion hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Last night, I found 500 buffalo waiting at the water hole,” Mwalua said. “When I arrived, they could smell the water. The buffalo were so keen and coming close to us. They started drinking while I was standing there. They get so excited.”

Three women from United States decided to give him an extra hand. Angie Brown, Cher Callaway, and Tami Calliope are now helping Patrick on his mission. Now they own several trucks and in this way they are able to carry water in more drought locations across the African savanna.

“His commitment to the wildlife and his heritage is unmeasurable,” Callaway explained. “Even risking his own life in the middle of the night to deliver water to a dry water hole.”

“I was born around here and grew up with wildlife and got a lot of passion about wildlife,” the hero said. “I decided to bring awareness to this so when they grow up they can protect their wildlife.”

It is so great to see there are still people who understand the the importance of wildlife and conservation. With so deep care and passion about Mother Nature!

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