Man Tries Not To Laugh While Filming, Horse’s Next Move Has People Crying With Laughter

If you think that being a cameraman is piece of cake, you’d better think again. It’s not easy being a cameraman, especially when you are as close to the “action” as the man in the video below.

The man was covering a story about horses and was shooting an interview with a horse breeder who trains horses with a special touch at a ranch in Chile.
As the cameraman, it was his job to get the best images and not move so that the footage he recorded wouldn’t be all shaky and with poor lighting. But although he was doing its best to do his job and stay focused on the story, one of the horses had other plans in mind and decided to do something to spruce up the interview.
The horse named Chunchun began to gently nudge the cameramen, cuddle up next to his face and even nibble his ear! The hilarious scene was capture on video by one of the producers of the show.
He later posted the clip on YouTube with the caption: “Greg (the cameraman) and Chunchun have been corresponding on Facebook. Their relationship status is complicated.”
This is going to make you laugh out loud or you’re not human.

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