World’s Biggest Dog! Meet Freddy, the 7-Foot Tall Canine Sensation!

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Everybody, meet Freddy! The dog that lives in the UK has officially been named the biggest dog in the world, and judging by its size, it’s a title he deserves fully. If it stands up on his back legs, the dog is 2.23 meters tall. The tallest man in the world was 2.72 m (8 ft 11.1 in) tall.

Measuring all the way up to its shoulders, Freddy is 1.04 m tall. He weighs over 70 pounds, and he is only a few inches shorter than the tallest dog in the world, Zeus, a Great Danish from Michigan, USA.

But despite his impressive size that can be pretty intimidating, Freddy is actually a gentle, loving dog. His owner has had him since he was only a puppy. She adopted him and her sister Fleur when they were small enough to fit in one hand.

Now, Freddy is a dog who is full of energy, which can sometimes be an issue considering his impressive size. Whenever Freddy starts running in the family’s living room, something is bound to get broken.

Even so, Freddy is much loved and his owner says she would never consider giving him up just because he’s different than most of the dogs.

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