Man Risks His Limbs to Save BABY Shark

Most of us are shocked and even outraged whenever we see animals that are in distress due to human negligence or as a direct result of human actions. But how far would you go to actually do something and save an animal in danger if you would to be put in this situation? Would you go as far as putting your safety at risk?
Well, most people wouldn’t. But then again, the man in the video below is not like most people. A video showing him risk his limb to save a baby shark is getting plenty of love and attention online, and it’s easy to see why.

The dramatic rescue footage was shot in South Africa and shows the shark being caught on a hook and trying to breath. It’s pretty obvious that the shark was in crucial condition, and just minutes away from suffocating.
In South Africa, white sharks are a protected species and fishing them is strictly forbidden by law. Fishermen fishing in the area accidentally caught the baby shark with their lines. Luckily, the shark was ultimately freed, and was able to swim back into the ocean.
Take a look at the dramatic rescue footage below:

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