Dog Bath Time Gone Wild – Their Reactions Will Make Your Day!

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Unlike their feline counterparts, most dogs have no problem with water and taking baths. In fact, many dogs are excellent swimmers and would take advantage of any chance they get to go for a swim.

But not all dogs are created equal. Every breed of dogs has their own particularities that very much influence dogs’ reactions to water. Not to mention the fact that each dog has its own unique personality. Some dogs are absolutely terrified by water and would do whatever it takes not to come into contact with it.

As you can imagine that makes owners’ job when it comes to giving their dogs’ baths a lot more difficult. The video below compiles some of the best videos showing dogs react to bath time that ever surface the Internet.

If you have a dog that doesn’t like taking baths, then you know how hard it can be to make your canine friend go anywhere near the bathroom, not to mention the actual tub. The second they hear the water running, they hide under the first desk they see.
These dogs clearly have no desire to take a bath, and their reactions are downright hilarious!

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