Man saved two lion cubs and after seven years he meets them again

Humans and animals can share the greatest friendships, but even so it’s so hard for our kind to get close to the toughest wild creatures. Nonetheless, this man did it. Thanks to the love he carries for lions, he just became part of the pride, and so he gained the name of Lion Whisperer!

The Lion Whisperer

Almost his entire life, Kevin Richardson was close to these majestic creatures, in his attempt to better understand and preserve the species. He used to live among the lions, to know their habits and to learn just how unpredictable they can be. A few years ago, while he was part of the Lion Park team in South Africa, Kevin came upon a scene that showed him just how tough the life in the wilderness can get. A lioness rejected her two newborn cubs and let them be, but Kevin, who witnessed the scene decided to intervene and and help the hopeless cubs.

The Lion Whisperer

Kevin has taken the two cubs to a sanctuary not far from Johannesburg, and here they get all the help and comfort they needed. He named the two tiny lioness Meg and Amy, and over the years they grew into two fearless predators.

Kevin – who actually founded the sanctuary, is sure that “through education, outreach and funding,” wildlife can be saved. “Our mission is to bring awareness to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict or pouching.”

The time proved that all of these are possible, and there’s no better proof than the two lion cubs Kevin rescued over seven years ago, and now they fully grown adults!

The Lion Whisperer

After all those years, Kevin decided to pay a visit to the lioness he rescued. Anyway, he was pretty nervous since he wasn’t sure they will remember him. But he was so wrong. As it turns out a wild animal never forgets a kind heart, and neither Meg and Amy did. Kevin recorded the emotional reunion with a GoPro camera and the result is nothing short of sensational.

You can watch the moment here:

Needless to say that Kevin and the two lionesses share an incredible bond, built on love and respect. “Meg and Amy are kind of my soul mates. It is kind of like humans, you can meet many many people in your life,” the Lion Whisperer said. “But there are very few that you connect whole heartedly with.”

The Lion Whisperer

For Kevin is no greater reward than seeing these majestic felines happy! “To see the lions doing what lions do for me was exhilarating. It made me realise there was a different way to work with these predators in captivity. Meg and Amy and me have a history that goes to when they were born,” he said.

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