Man finds unique beetle that looks so beautiful people can’t believe it’s real


When it comes to breathtaking creatures, insects are definitely on top of the list. Whether with their striking colors or the incredible shapes, these beings never cease to amaze us. Speaking of it, this man was nothing but stunned when spotted a magnificent beetle in his garden.

Michael Farmer/Instagram

Michael Farmer from Costa Rica, has always been great fond of wildlife. He’s constantly exploring the world for breathtaking landscapes and stunning plants and animals, and the photos he’s sharing on Instagram shows he has quite an appetite for it. But nothing can match his latest discovery.

Michael Farmer/Instagram

The other day, Farmer was exploring his property in Aguas Zarcas, Alajuela, Latin America, when spotted something very unusual. There, under some leaves he noticed something shining just like a small coin, but when he got closer he realized that wasn’t a metal object, but living being.

Michael Farmer/Instagram

Fortuitously, Farmer just came across one of the most incredible insects that live on Earth – a spectacular beetle known as Chrysina limbata – particularly known for their unique silver-like shell. Completely fascinated by his discovery, the man has gently taken the tiny glinting creature onto his hand to have a better look. He even grabbed a few photos of it.

“I was incredibly surprised by how beautiful it was,” Farmer explained. ” I just never ever seen anything like this in my entire life. It was like a mirror…definitely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

As it turned out, these tiny creature are just as unique as rare they are. Although they were once a pretty common sighting in Costa Rica and other South American countries, now they can barely be spotted from time to time. Their numbers dropped massively mostly due to habitat loss, and because people used to catch them and sold them to collectors – just like some useless objects.

Michael Farmer/Instagram

Fortunately, the beetle that Farmer spotted in his garden got the chance to see another day. “I put it back on the tree, and it rapidly flew away,” the man said.

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