Hero dog runs to ask sanitation worker for help – ends up saving owner’s life

A faithful dog is responsible for saving his 88-year-old owner’s life, in a heroic manner. The rescued dog, named Sandy, alerted a garbage man and eventually lead him to his owner, who fell down stairs and and found herself unable to move!

A few years ago, Gwendola Johnson from Glendale, California, decided to give a stray dog a forever home. Since then, Sandy has always been a loyal, protective dog, but little did Gwendola know the dog whose life she just saved would end up paying his debt the very same way.

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Though she’s 88-year-old age, Gwendola is still in such a good shape, and she’s living alone, only with her loyal furry friend by her side. Yet, her legs are not as they were used to be, and sometime they cause her some problems. Like it happened last summer, when Gwendola got out her house and suddenly fell to the ground. Fortunately, she did get no injury, but she wasn’t able to get up the alley, though. Since it is a long distance from her driveway to the road, the chances that someone to see her were pretty low, But after nearly an hour, Gwendola spotted a sanitation worker and she knew that it would be her chance. Nonetheless, the man was way too far to hear the old woman’s yelling. It it when Sandy stepped up!

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As the man, known as Kirk White, was dragging the garbage cans on the main alley, Sandy approached him and started to bark at him frenetically. Kirk – a worker at the Glendale Integrated Waste Management – had met Sandy for many times, so he knew he wasn’t an aggressive dog. Therefore he guessed something wrong may had happened!

“The way he was barking, like, ‘I have something to show you — come follow me this way, there’s something I want you to see,” the man later explained for NBC Los Angeles.

NBC Los Angeles

Kirk decided to follow Sandy and he immediately spotted Gwendola laying on the alley just in front of her step door. The man then helped her to get up and made sure she has no injuries. Thankfully, the dog’s efforts teamed up with Kirk’s decision to ‘listen’ to him, saved the woman’s life!

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“When I saw him, I said to Sandy, ‘You go get him,’ so he did,” Gwendola later explained. “He was a good boy, and Kurt came up the driveway right about the right time.”

More about this inspiring story, in the video below!

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