Little koala gets kicked out of tree and throws a painfully adorable tantrum

Undoubtedly, everyone has experienced that feeling when someone bigger and tougher takes that thing we want and there’s nothing left to do about it, but to cry. Well, apparently the animals also live that kind of experience. However, you won’t expect to see that sort of things at the cutest animals on Earth – the koalas.


Koalas are such cute and quite creatures, but during the breeding season they could be pretty noisy as well. And the hilarious footage bellow is the perfect proof of it. The moment was captured on camera by YouTuber Alicia Alexander in Adelaide Hills, South Australia and it definitely give you a mix of feelings.

A young koala male gets kicked out of a tree by an obvious bigger rival and the only thing the little one can do is to throw a tantrum. And if you haven’t seen someone being adorable while crying, then here’s your chance. “Poor little thing’s kicked out of the tree. You can come to our tree,” the woman that witnessed the scene, says. “Poor little thing. There’s plenty of trees!”


While the reason the two started to fight is unknown, nor if they’re related, the moment is painfully adorable. And as kicking him out of the tree wasn’t enough already, the tough koala goes back to the ground to make sure his voice was heard there. “You’re a meanie,” the woman with the camera can be heard.


According to Alexander, the two went on separate ways after the incident. A pretty unusual scene when to think it comes from someone who use to sleep around 22 hours a day. Take a peek:

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