Koala burned all four paws in bushfires, but won everyone’s heart with his smile

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The bushfires that hit Australia left behind nothing but heartbreaking scenes. The effects on biodiversity are catastrophic and most likely irreversible. Tens of millions of acres of land have been burned, thousands of people evacuated and over one billion animals perished. And amid those catastrophic events, when a positive story airs is nothing but hope-giving. And the incredible story of Billy is all about hope and morale boosting.

The lovely koala is one of the millions of helpless animals who suffered during the recent blaze in Australia. Fortunately, Billy got lucky as he was found just in time by a couple who was wondering through the burned areas to rescue wildlife. When Lucy and Adam Francis found him, the little one was in pain with all four paws burned. They quickly them him to the 1300Koalaz – a rescue and rehabilitation center for injured koalas.

At the rescue center, Billy received the proper treatment and then his little paws were all bandaged up. Lucy and Adam knew it’s their responsibility to take care of him, so they decided to take him home.

“As his paws were all bandaged he was unable to climb or be in the normal kind of enclosure that we use for koalas in care, so we had to think outside of the box and we made a makeshift enclosure for him in our kitchen so we could be close to him always,” Lucy told The Dodo. “We used a camping mattress for him to sit on, and placed a pillow behind him for him to lean back in. ”

But Billy proved he’s a winner and capable to overcome any situation, even the one that almost cost his life. “We have a very close relationship with him and he lets us handle him as we need to and clearly trusts us, despite still being very much a wild koala,” Lucky said.

The moment he felt safe and surrounded by caring people, as Lucky and Billy are, Billy couldn’t stop smiling. He spreads happiness everyday and with such a personality, his adoptive parents knew he will soon make a full recovery.

“His personality is so gentle and calm, even when we have to rub cream into his blisters and burns, or administer his vitamin mixture — which we’re really sure he hates — it’s like giving a very furry, reluctant child their medicine,” his adoptive mom told The Dodo. “He holds our hands with his back paws when we apply cream to his [skin].”

Thanks to all those kind people as Lucky and Billy, lots of animals have been rescued and now they’re safe!

h/t: theanimalclub

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