Sailors rescue lost dog stranded on Arctic iceberg for over a week

When the crew from a Russian icebreaker ship, spotted a white creature stranded on a floating iceberg close to the Arctic, they all thought it is an Arctic fox, but only when they got closer they realized it’s actually a helpless dog. Thankfully, the kind-hearted sailors saved the day by rescuing the exhausted animal. The moment was caught on camera!

Screenshot via Youtube

Turns out, the dog – a one year old Samoyed, a Siberian local breed – wondered off too far from his home in Mys Kamenny, northern Russia, and got lost. Unfortunately, the puppy named Aika ended up on an iceberg. Even though her thick coat is designed to keep her warn in these rush condition, the extreme temperatures would have been too much for the tiny pooch, who got stuck on the ice for more than a week. Fortunately, she was rescued just in time by the sailors from the Alexander Sannikov icebreaker.

Screenshot via Youtube

The rescue was caught on camera by one of the sailors and you can notice the dog’s excitement upon seeing human beings. As the rescuers approach her, Aika’s tail is wagging. The nice crew not only rescued the helpless puppy, but they also reunite her with her family.

“We put out the ladder, by which the dog climbed aboard on its own,” navigation assistant Evgeny Nagibin told Russia 1, CNN reported. “Later, with the help of mobile phone, we established contact with the local population, found the owner of the dog.”

Screenshot via Youtube

A few day later, Aika was reunited with her owner, Svetlana Chereshneva who was more than happy to see her dog alive and unharmed. However, she could not explained how the cute dog ended up so far from her home, in the first place. “Aika didn’t go anywhere without us,” the woman reportedly said. “We have no idea how she got there.”

Thankfully, Aika is safe now and everyone hopes she learned her lesson. Watch the rescue here:

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