“Incredibly lazy” horse named Custard naps so much that people think he’s dead, owner writes in hilarious viral post

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Experience those days when all you desire is to lounge and catch some Zs? Meet Custard the horse, who might just resonate with your laid-back spirit.

As per an amusing viral post by the horse’s caretaker, Custard indulges in so many naps that onlookers often mistake his lethargy for sickness or even death. The owner, compelled to clarify, addressed the concerns surrounding her “exceptionally idle” companion.

Alex Tielles, a woman sharing her tale in the Facebook group “Guernsey People Have Your Say!,” created a spotlight for Custard, her horse. She felt the need to dispel misconceptions after receiving numerous calls and messages from locals who mistakenly believed the horse was either deceased or unwell.

However, she reassured everyone that her equine companion was in good physical condition—his preference for napping was merely a reflection of his laid-back nature. “He’s just a youngster and exhibits an exceptionally lethargic demeanor,” conveyed Alex in her message.

To substantiate her words, she shared a photograph capturing Custard immersed in his preferred pastime, peacefully dozing in the midst of the field.

“He indulges in extended periods of sleep and might even produce snoring and grunting sounds, as if struggling to breathe,” she elaborated. “I conduct thorough checks on him a minimum of three times daily, ensuring he has an abundant supply of hay and is fed at least twice a day.”

Despite her diligence, the misconception persists, prompting Alex to take explicit measures. “I find myself needing to create signs for the gate to dispel any confusion,” she remarked, noting that the local SPCA frequently fields inquiries about Custard’s well-being.

In addition, Alex urged people not to offer additional treats to Custard, emphasizing, “Please, please refrain from feeding them, as they are adequately nourished. Extras can lead to biting, fighting, or serious health issues, even causing choking or stomach discomfort, potentially resulting in fatality.”

The tale indeed carries a humorous undertone, portraying Custard as a creature relishing a life of leisure—something many of us might envy, yearning for the luxury of lounging and napping throughout the day!

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