Caring 2-year-old goes to dog shelter and chooses sick, shy pit bull in need of love

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Numerous dogs find themselves in shelters, all yearning for the same thing: a permanent, loving home. Regrettably, the journey to adoption can be more prolonged for some, influenced by factors such as breed, age, appearance, or health concerns. Frequently, potential adopters lean towards younger, conventionally adorable puppies, leaving many dogs overlooked.

Yet, there are moments when a compassionate soul emerges, ready to open their heart to these overlooked canines. In the case of a pit bull at a shelter, that compassionate individual turned out to be a 2-year-old girl, who singled him out from the array of dogs in the facility.

Audra Spurio, bringing her 2-year-old daughter to the shelter with the intention of adopting a dog, never anticipated that their connection would be with a pit bull plagued by sickness and mange. However, the perceptive toddler, sensing the dog’s need for some love and care, insisted on choosing him.

Audra shared with The Dodo, “My daughter was determined to meet her more than any other dog at the shelter that day.” Despite the dog’s unpleasant odor due to mange, the persistent little girl kept urging, “Mommy, that one.”

In her innocence, the 2-year-old, named Gigi, expressed her concern, saying, “Let the doggy out. Need help.”

The young girl’s desire was fulfilled, and Gigi escorted the pit bull outdoors for some playtime. Despite the dog’s initial fear and shyness, the toddler exhibited love and patience throughout.

While many children might have been “grossed out” by the dog’s less-than-ideal conditions, Gigi perceived beyond the surface, seeing a friend in need of her assistance.

In the outdoor play session, a genuine and immediate bond became evident as the girl showered the dog with kisses and belly rubs.

“I witnessed this fearful dog just melt in G’s hands,” Audra recounted. “The dog refused to let my daughter leave her side.”

Upon returning the pit bull to her kennel, Gigi persistently implored her mother to bring the dog home so they could take care of her. The two-year-old kept expressing, “Sick doggy, go home.”

Fortunately, the persistent young girl’s wish came true. Among all the dogs at the shelter that day, the ailing pit bull was the one who captured her heart. The dog, now named Scarlett, has found her new home with Gigi and her family.

Audra shared with The Dodo, “Scarlett is now at home and feeling much better. She still won’t let G out of her sight.”

This heartwarming tale has resonated widely, amassing nearly 14 million views on YouTube. Many commenters express that Gigi’s compassion for animals has inspired hope for the future.

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