Incredible sight of three rare white stags grazing in a field in England

A white deer is an extremely rare presence, so you can imagine how surprised you may get to spot not once but three ghostly stags. A British amateur photographer has recently witnessed such a scene and it rather looked cut out of a fairytale.

Geoff Robinson

Geoff Robinson spotted the incredible rare creature on a field in Hertfordshire, southern England. He managed to capture a couple of snaps of the majestic deers. White deers, which are very rare presence in the UK, suffer of leucism – a genetic condition that result in the loss of pigmentation. Unlikely albinism, leucism leads to partial loss of pigmentation, so the eyes and the horns keep their natural color.

Geoff Robinson

However, a different colored coat makes these eye-catching animals extremely vulnerable in front of the predators, both naturals or poachers. In this situation, white stags frequently become an easy and precious target for trophy hunters. A sad situation that happened in the past, even in the Uk.

On the other hand, white deer are seen as mythical creature in so many cultures. People considered them as a symbol of purity and a messenger from the other world. This may be the season why so many fiction writers inspired from their legends. JK Rowling in her famous Harry Potter novels or JRR Tolkien in The Hobbit mention about the white deer as a magical creature!

More than three years ago, a whole bunch of white deer were caught on camera in Seneca County, New York. Take a look:

h.t.: mailonline

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