Injured Siberian tiger walks into village to seek out human help

Wild animal usually avoid human presence, and tigers make no exception. However, an endangered Siberian tigress defied her natural instincts and made her way to a village. The wild feline was in desperate need of help as she was no longer able to eat to to some severe teeth problems!

The Siberian Times

The majestic creatures was found lying in front of someone’s door in a small Siberian village. The remote village of Solontsovy has roughly 600 habitants, all very familiar with wildlife sightings, but a massive tiger on someone’s porch was a bit too much even for them. Nonetheless, they rushed to help the tigress!

The Siberian Times

“Alexey Khaideyev came across a tiger on his porch,” Galina Tsimano, one of the residents explained. “He wanted to go out to the yard in the morning, when he noticed it. He began to push the door and heard a tiger growling. He went back inside and started calling all the emergency services.”

The Siberian Times

The wounded feline didn’t let anyone approach her, yet she didn’t chase them away either. So it was obvious she was in pain and she needed help. Thankfully, a rescue team arrived just in time to save the animal. They relocate her to the Alekseevka Rehabilitation Centre, where they found out about her medical problems.

“The tigress behaved absolutely peacefully, as if she was waiting for help,” Sergey Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Centre, told The Siberian Times. “Nevertheless, the condition of the rare predator is severe and it needs urgent action.”

The conservationists team initially thought the wound came as a result of poaching, but it proved otherwise!

The Siberian Times

“There were no visible injuries from poaching,” they said. “However, there are problems with her oral cavity and she’s thoroughly exhausted. She has serious gum problems and there are no upper teeth.”

The team is now doing everything in their power to save the tigress, just as they did with other wild felines before. The Siberian tiger is an endangered species, with less than 500 individuals left in the wild!

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