Huge manta ray approaches diver to ask for help in rare encounter

Not just once, the animal world provided moments nearly impossible to believe. But as it turns out, wild creatures are much more clever than we think, and even though they doesn’t speak, they just know how to ask for help to people who would kindly deliver it. This is what this distressed marine creature did!

Facebook/Monty Halls

In a truly remarkable video, a massive manta ray approached a group of divers as she needed help. For Jake Wilton and his friends, manta rays are a very common sight since they are all great fond of diving. Nonetheless they’ve never experienced anything like this before, even though they had several encounters with these majestic creatures.

Facebook/Monty Halls

The group was exploring the waters off of Ningaloo in Australia, when they noticed a manta way getting too close for comfort. But Wilton soon realized, the massive creature was actually seeking for help, and the man was so happy to offer it. It turned out, the hapless creature got several fish hooks stuck in her body, with some inches close to her eyes.

Facebook/Monty Halls

“We were really lucky in that we saw a manta nice and early, and quietly slipped into the water to spend some time with,” Monty Halls, one of the divers wrote on Facebook. “Finally, he managed it [to remove the hooks], and the manta settled quietly on the bottom and stayed with us for a wee while. It was an extraordinary half hour or so, and such a clear illustration that these animals have intelligence, trust, and a strong association with folks who treat them with respect.”

Watch the incredible scene in the video below!

Even though, she acted instinctively, the wild creature approached Wilton, because she recognized him. So she knew if she would ask a friend for a favour, he will undoubtably help her. The moment left the other divers speechless, though!

“After a few minutes, we noticed that it had some fish hooks buried beneath her right eye, and was repeatedly presenting itself to our guide Jake,” Halls explained for 7News. “This wasn’t my imagination, again and again it came back, turned over, and paused in the water, and – plainly – was looking to us to be helped.”

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