Horses take care of baby deer while its mum is away

In a lovely display of kindness, a group of horses has been spotted babysitting a newborn fawn. The little one was waiting for its mom on a ranch outside Steamboat Springs in Routte County, Colorado. The horses approached the tiny creature and when they realized it is all alone, they started to take care of it.

FACEBOOK/Steamboat Radio

Kally May, the owner of the ranch, have noticed something unusual at her horses and went to investigate. But her heart melted within second upon seeing the adorable scene. She even grabbed some snaps of it!

Since the mother deer hasn’t been spotted anywhere, Kally started to worry a little as she though the tiny fawn might be orphaned. So the woman called the wildlife officials. But they told her to leave the fawn in the same spot as it mom will eventually return.

FACEBOOK/Steamboat Radio

This behavior is actually very common among deers. The mother usually leave their babies alone as they search for food. They act like this in order to avoid predators and to move faster!

After learning that all she has to do with the newborn fawn is to “let it be,” Kally acted properly. The next day, Kally was so happy to spot the mother-baby pair together! “The fawn’s mama came back this morning!” May wrote on Thursday.“It’s a very happy ending.”

h.t: facebook

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