Heartwarming video shows caring chimpanzee bottle-feeding lion cub

Not just once, wildlife thought us what kindness really means. In desperate times, animals share the most unlikely bonds and care for each other in a way we cannot explain nor understand. Regardless the species, animals maternal instincts, immediately kick in when stumbling upon a soul in need of help.

Twitter/Susanta Nanda

Speaking of gentle souls, this caring chimpanzee is nothing but the same. In an absolutely adorable video, the foster mom was caught on camera bottle-feeding with milk a tiny lion cub. The heartwarming moment was initially shared on Twitter by the Indian Forest Services officer, Susanta Nanda, and won the internet ever since.

Twitter/Susanta Nanda

Though the place or time, neither the circumstances, of the video are unknown, it is impossible not to noticed just how caring this chimp can be. The scene are nothing but pure love and the short footage culminates with a gentle kiss given by the foster momma on the lion’s forehead.

“The kiss of the foster mother at the end,” it is how Nanda described the touching moment. Take a look:

Unsurprisingly, lots of people got their hearts melted upon watching the adorable scene. And their reaction say it all. “We humans don’t deserve animals,” one person wrote. While another one added: “A mother’s love sees no limits, bounds, color or species, it only wants to nurture, comfort & help seeing its own child in all children.”

Many didn’t even found their words to explain the beautiful moment, with user writing “no words to explain this,” as other one wrote “So much love.”

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