Zoo-keeper tries to grab a lion cub, but no one expected the lioness’ reaction

Any animal can be truly intimidating while protecting their cubs. But, if we’re talking about a lioness mother then, it’s more than that. Anyway, it seems that for this zoo-keeper hanging out with large lions is just daily routine. Kevin Richardson is working at a zoo in South Africa and nothing makes him more happier than his favorite lioness and her little cubs.


In the video bellow you can see Kevin while spending some great time with a ferocious lioness and her babies. Just as any loyal pet, the lion is kissing and cuddling Kevin. And the man is not at least bit nervous as he pets the giant creature with extreme ease.


Anyway, when I saw Kevin made his way to the cubs, my heart was just racing like crazy. But there is such a pleasantly surprise to see how the overprotecting mother let her human friend to babysit her precious little babies. And that without any drop of concern.


I am sure that every animal lover is filled with wonder at the sight of this beautiful bond of both love and trust between the lioness and her keeper. Watching them all cuddled up towards the end of the video just stole my heart.

Watch the video to convince yourself about this heartwarming bond of trust between a human being and a mighty beast!

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