Love vs. Loyalty: Girlfriend Demands Dog or Relationship Decision

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There is a particularly strong reason why the dogs are called man’s best friends. We’ve often seen people choosing dogs over other humans, but the things might get a little bit complicated when to chose between your beloved pup and your half! Or maybe it doesn’t! However, after being put in such a though situation, this guy solve it in style!

His girlfriend told him frankly, “either the dog goes or I go.” Thinking that they’ve been dating for more than four years, I can imagine this wasn’t an easy decision to make. It looked like the girl wasn’t to happy about sharing him with his beloved beagle, Molly. Although it is hard for me to understand why, if I am looking at the pup’s adorable face!

After all we would never know if the decision was a hard or an easy one, but we definitely know is that our guy acted in a completely different manner. Using the internet, the man posted an ad on Craigslist in order to handle his though situation. And his post was just perfect!

“My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly. SO I have to re-home her. She is a purebred from a wealthy area and I have had her 4 years. She likes to play games. Not totally trained. Has long hair so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails, but she loves having them done.

Stays up all night yapping but sleeps while I work. Only eats the best, most expensive food. Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite but she can be mean as hell!

So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend? Come and get her! Me and my dog want her re-homed ASAP!”

This is the best response ever to such a though situation. I mean, not only he kept the incredible bond he and Molly had, but he also spared himself from years of agony with a person who turned to be totally incompatible with his belives.

After all, if she couldn’t even compromise on living with a dog that he had owned for years, what chances they would have to get a compromise on other important decisions, like having a baby?

This man made the right choice, and he announced his decision in a totally epic way. I’m sure the ex-girlfriend was embarrassed when she saw the post for herself.

Karma definitely exists in this world. When we make selfish decisions, that negative energy circles back to us. This girl threatened to leave if her boyfriend didn’t get rid of his dog, so he made her exit a little easier. Be careful what you wish for.


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