Family of giant owls hatches chicks outside man’s window – now they watch TV together

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A lucky man from the city of Geel, Belgium, ended up watching his favorite TV shows accompanied by three very large owlets. The baby owls had hatched just outside the man’s window, after their parents decided that’s the perfect spot to build their nest.

When Jos Baart noticed movement outside his third floor apartment’s window, he decided to investigate. At a closer look, he just noticed a bunch of leaves and wings on the window’s sill. So Jos initially thought a pair pigeon were building their nest there, but later he was so surprised to find out there wasn’t pigeons, but owls – the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the largest owl species on Earth.

Twitter/Jos Baart

The massive birds hatched three adorable babies, and Jos could not have been more excited. He adores he new residents and he’s so happy he gets the unique chance to see them growing up right in front of his eyes.

“It was just amazing. Very wonderful to see owls that [are] so unique that you can say it’s once in a lifetime that you can see this,” the man told As It Happens host Carol Off. “I am sitting by the window. I see the chicks. Yeah, the whole day you can look to it.”

Twitter/Jos Baart

But recently, the man noticed that the owlets got very interested in his TV. Now, every time he been watching the television, the baby owls join him by watching through the window.

“When the television is on, they are seeing the movements,” Jos said. “They [are] all three before the window for [a] half an hour or more to look at television.”

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While the chicks seem extremely friendly, and enjoy Jos’ presence, their mom doesn’t seem to share the feeling. Every time when she spots the man, she just fly away. But the man realized that, so he’s trying to be as quiet as possible.


“In the morning at five o’clock, I come in the room, and when I see her sitting in the plant box, then I make very slowly movements to show that I don’t disturb her,” the man explained. “When the evening falls, she [flies] away to get some food. And Daddy brings food too in the night.”

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