German Shepherd’s hilarious reaction to self-filling water bowl

This adorable German Shepherd has the most epic reaction when realizes his water bowl is ‘miraculously’ filling itself. Needless to say the dog was captured on camera and he instantly became an internet sensation. Well…it’s not even hard to understand why!


While a tiny puppy might get pretty nervous upon discovering new things, you can’t say the same about a completely grown up dog, especially a German Shepherd. However, as this funny video shows it, even an adult German Shepherd can get pretty baffled over an unexplainable situation. Such as a self-filling water bowl, for instance.

The dog’s intention is only to quench his thirst, so he approaches his water bowl. Meantime his owner sets on his camera, because something very hilarious is about to happen. Nothing unusual, until the dog is sent in disbelief when notices that even he drunk nearly half of the water, his bowl looks full again.


It is when he gets pretty suspicious, but he continues to drink, but when bubbles are are being shaped inside the water container, things are getting complicated and out dog gets stunned for nearly half a minute as he’s doubtfully looking to his owner. The dog’s look immediately sent the owner into laughter. Watch his reaction here:

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