Fun-loving elephant calf refuses to go to sleep – becomes internet sensation

As we adults are ready do to anything for a good sleep, kids aren’t too impressed about getting to bed earlie, so they try to delay the moment as much as possible. Well, as it turns out, not just human toddlers refuse to go to bed, but baby animals too.

Baby elephant Mbegu next to one of the caretakers at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage
Credit – Instagram/sheldricktrust

Recently, an adorable elephant calf took the Internet by storm with her extremely cute way to protest when caretakers announced it is bedtime. The moment unfolded at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – a baby elephant rescue group in Kenya – and it went viral, after the group shared it online.


The adorable footage shows baby elephant Kinyei trying to be as persuasive as possible in her attempt to convince her caretaker, it is playtime not bedtime. But, the patient carer isn’t too impressed though.


“Kinyei is simply not ready to go to sleep,” the group wrote in the video description.” She’s had her evening milk bottles, her best friends are already tucked in next door, all around her, the Nursery is quieting down… But this fun-loving girl saw her window of opportunity to protest bedtime — and she climbed right through it!”

As the orphanage explained, Kinyei has a very interesting life story. The baby elephant was saved in the nick of time, three years ago, when a driver spotted her approaching a group of lions.

“She was all alone, and as soon as the lions felt compelled, she would have made very easy prey,” Sheldrick Trust wrote. “Fortunately, fate intervened, and little Kinyei is now brightening our every day.”

h.t: Instagram

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