For 8 Years, a Squirrel Knocked on Their Door—The Surprising Reason Revealed

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Everybody, meet Bella! She’s an adorable squirrel with a big personality and an impressive story that has had a pretty rough start. You see, when Bella was just a baby, she was inches away of losing its life. Left in the woods, alone and afraid, Bella had to figure out a way to survive on her own, although she was only one-month-old.

Luckily though, a group of wildlife rescuers found her before it was too late and took her to a family of renowned wildlife rehabilitators. They were confident this family will help the poor little creature out. And they were right.

The Harrisons got to work right away and began nursing little Bella back to her health. And as days went by, the squirrel was gaining more and more of her strength back, until she was strong enough to be returned to the wild. But because that moment came in the middle of winter, the family decided to keep her at the facility at least until the spring.

And although the parents in the family made sure everyone knew Bella is not to be treated as a pet, they all bounded. So when spring came and Bella was released back into her environment, something incredible happened.
Just two days after they said goodbye, Bella returned to the Harrisons’ home. That was eight years ago, and ever since then, the grateful squirrel makes sure to pay the family who saved her, plenty of visits.

Sometimes, nature is just asking to be turned into a Disney movie, and Bella’s life so far would make the great storyline for a new Disney picture!

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