Friendly humpback whale gives diver the experience of a lifetime

This is the adorable moment a giant humpback whale and a woman shared a once in a lifetime encounter. It has been all caught on film and the footage shows once again just intelligent these marine creature are. Despite being among the largest animals on Earth, the humpback whales are nothing gentle giants.

Screenshot via Youtube

Though they are extremely fascinating, it’s nearly impossible to share a close encounter with those marine giants. Howsoever there is one place on the planet where human beings can easily get in the water with them. Every year, hundreds of humpback whale gather at Tonga to give birth. The clever whales have been chosen this Polynesian island for thousands of years as their favorite breeding place, because of its peaceful waters and free of predators for their babies.

Screenshot via Youtube

Even though people can get close enough of the whales, here, there are some firm rules about approaching them. However, driven mostly by curiosity, the massive animals sometimes approach divers. It’s what recently happened to this extremely lucky woman. As she was swimming close to the surface of the water, a friendly whale approached her from the depths with the gentlest intentions in her mind.

Screenshot via Youtube

Apparently the playful creature was asking for belly rubs since she rolled on her back for several times as she was swimming very close to the woman. Naturally it was an experience she’ll never forget for the lucky woman. The diver’s screams of joy as the unlikely encounter comes to an end, says it all.

Watch the beautiful moment, here:

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