Fed Up with Dog Hair in the Car? You Have to See These Ridiculous Doggy Leotards!

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Brace yourself; doggy leotards are a real thing, and it looks just as hilarious as it sounds. Now, dressing your pet to look cute or to help him stay warm during colder season is not something new. Dog owners have started buying clothes for their canine friends decades ago, but you have to admit doggy leotards represent something new on the market.
You’re probably wondering who in the world came up with this crazy idea. Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise: the guy who invented this unique doggy outfit is actually a dog owner himself.
Tyson Walters has a huge Saint Bernard named Harley whom he adores. But despite his love for Harley, the man admits that he was feeling extremely frustrated whenever he would have to take Harley in his car for a ride. Here’s what the man said in a recent interview: “My car was practically ruined. Harley’s hair would intertwine in the fabric and not have any desire to ever turn out. She would shake and the hair would simply explode off her and disperse throughout the car.”
If you’re a dog owner yourself, this probably sounds extremely familiar to you. Tired of having to face this problem constantly, Tyson started thinking about a solution that would prevent all that shredding in the first place.
His problem was the one that ultimately inspired a solution. And this is how the Shred Defender was born. Shred Defended is the branded name, but between us two, it’s nothing more than a doggy leotard.
Here are some pictures of dogs wearing them. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!







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