Fearless goose chases alligator down to defend her babies

In an incredibly bizarre footage, that – by the way – can only occur in Florida, a poor gator is being chased down a golf field by an angry group of geese. The scene unfolded at the PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens with the eyewitnesses watching in disbelief. Thankfully, the hilarious moment was captured on camera!

Screenshot via YouTube

When an alligator invaded the field during a golf course, the golfers couldn’t help but watch from the safety of their vehicles. Nevertheless, a family of geese got pretty irate by the reptile presence and started to chase it down. One of the birds – the mother, as it turns out – is brave enough to get inches close to the gator’s tail, while her seven chick are following her closely behind.

However, the reptile doesn’t seems too bothered at all, by the geese presence. It is slowly continues his way to the other side of the field, without even turning its head around.

Screenshot via YouTube

The chase, which seems like in slow-motion, occurred during the 2nd annual Christie’s Critters Invitational on The Champion Course at PGA National, was caught on camera by Ryan Witkowski, one of the golfers. Although less than a minute long, the comical footage gained roughly half a million views on Youtube alone.

Watch the moment here:

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