Extremely rare “ghost of the forest” albino deer spotted in Tennessee

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Abbey Cabler, a resident of Spring Hill, Tennessee, had quite a surprise on a Tuesday morning when her husband urgently called her outside. He had spotted something out of the ordinary and urged her to take a look, as reported by WKRN.

When she rushed to the yard, she was astonished to see what her husband had seen: a white deer. The unique and unexpected sighting left them both in awe as they observed the deer grazing near the tree line, right by their porch, nibbling on the bushes. It was a “ghostly” encounter that seemed perfectly timed for Halloween.

The sight of the large, entirely white deer was nothing short of stunning, leaving Abbey and her husband in awe. The experience felt almost like a scene from a Christmas movie, with the unexpected appearance of this extraordinary white deer.

The couple managed to capture photos and videos of this remarkable animal before it eventually darted away, leaving them with a memory of a truly magical encounter.

Encountering a white deer, often referred to as a “ghost of the forest,” is an incredibly rare occurrence. This particular deer was an albino, distinguished by its red eyes, a trait found in only one out of 30,000 deer. While piebald deer, which exhibit white spots, are rarer than typical deer, they are still a bit more common than albinos.

Abbey and her husband discovered that their area is a “hot spot” for the genetic mutation that produces albino deer, and it has a prevalent genetic lineage of these unique animals. Nevertheless, they consider themselves incredibly fortunate to have witnessed such a rare and remarkable creature right in their own backyard.

Many people believe that encountering such an extraordinary sight is a sign of good luck or positive things to come. Abbey expressed this sentiment, saying, “A lot of people are saying, and I agree with them, ‘Oh my gosh, this is good luck,’ or, ‘What a sign of anything good in life to have something like that happen to you.'” She even joked that she should buy a lottery ticket to capitalize on the extraordinary experience.

The rare white deer made a return appearance on their property the following Wednesday, further cementing the magical experience. They have affectionately named the deer “Casper,” drawing a connection to the friendly ghost from the famous cartoon.

The timing of the sighting, with Halloween approaching and the deer appearing and disappearing like a ghost, added an extra layer of enchantment to the encounter. Abbey described the experience, saying, “It’s close to Halloween and he was there and then he was gone, so it kind of felt like Casper the friendly albino deer.”

It’s truly a remarkable and captivating sight, one that many would hope to witness in their own yards at some point.

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