Herd runs to greet orphaned baby elephant at sanctuary

This is the heartwarming moment a rescue baby elephant gets the warmest greeting ever. The tearful scene was caught on camera at the Elephant Nature Park, Northern Thailand, and shows once again just how sensitive these adorable creatures are!

The gentle elephants are well known for their social life and for their protective nature, especially when it comes to their babies (even they’re not from the same elephant family). So when a 2-year-old rescued elephant is brought at this rehabilitation center, he receives a welcome no one expected.

Elephant Nature Park

After loosing his mother, Dok Gaew – a young male – found himself all alone in the wild. Thankfully, a group of rescuers saved him just in time and brought him at the Elephant Nature Park. Naturally, he was very scared and confused, so the staff even feared he won’t be accepted by the herd. But then, something extraordinary happened.

Elephant Nature Park

When hearing the poor Dok Gaew crying from across the field, the whole herd run to welcome him, in one of the most emotional animal video you’ve ever seen. When comes to those in need, animals are capable of such great things. Their kindness and compassion seem endless, and we should all learn something from them.

Watch the beautiful moment here:

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