Drone footage shows rare blue whale with calf off San Diego coast

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It was once in a lifetime experience for a whale watcher, after he managed to capture on camera a blue whale and its calf. The rare footage was filmed earlier this week by Domenic Biagini, 12 mile off the coast of Mission Beach in San Diego.

Blue whale is known as the largest animal that ever lived on planet Earth. These massive mammals can grow up to 98 ft and they can easily weigh up to 160-170 tonnes. Anyway, what makes this video so fascinating is a blue whale alongside its calf. So far, the whales breeding habit is still a secret for wildlife experts.

“This kind of footage of a blue whale calf pretty much doesn’t exist,” Biagini told 10 News. “It’s me and the Our Planet documentary people that have ever captured something like this. That’s about it.”

According to the photographer, the duo was fallowing the krill. It is know that this the wales main food source, so during the krill season, the huge mammals are fallowing them.

“Last few years they haven’t stayed past the end of July because our water gets so warm that it’s not conducive to krill production,” Biagini said.

Biagini couldn’t hide his enthusiasm about the rare footage he just managed to capture and he hopes it will help the experts to find out more about these magnificent creatures.

“We have an idea where some of the animals are going to give birth, but that’s only a select few, and still doesn’t include any concrete evidence.

“There’s only a handful of people in the world to have filmed a baby blue with any kind of professional equipment. And an even smaller few to film something as intimate as I just did in what has to be some of the calmest conditions imaginable,” Biagini also said.

Watch the rare footage bellow:

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