Drama queen cat goes viral after faking injury to get inside

Cats seem to have this very special ability to fool everyone, and I am very sure we have so many cat-lovers here to confirm it. However, this adorable feline might be the most cunning cat that ever existed. The reason? Well, her very particular way to let the owners know she’s tired of fresh air, and she wants inside. Nevertheless her humans know her trick very well, they always fall into her trap. Recently, they even caught her on camera and the result is a pure animal-humour moment!


A genuinely queen-drama, this tabby cat really knows how to get inside the house, even though her door’s closed. While her not-easy-to-impress (as she want to believe) mom is watching her through the glass window, the sly feline puts on her downcast face and fakes an injury to have her mom’s attention.

“Something wrong with your paw Susan?,” the woman can be heard saying. As you can imagine, it didn’t take too long until she succeed, so her mom can’t help, but to let her in. However, soon as she steps inside, her limping miraculously disappears!


Susan’s mom decided to shared the comical video online, and shorty after, her Oscar-worthy performance went viral. But as it turned out from the viewers comments, Susan isn’t the only cat in the world able to fake an injury, only to get what they want. Nonetheless, her performance would make even the famous actors jealous.

Take a look!

@flexlatch Faking an injury to get inside. 🐱 😸 #faking #catfish ♬ original sound – FlexLatch

If you cannot access the video above, take a look at this one!

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