Dolphin enjoys belly rubs from snorkeler in adorable footage

Everyone knows how friendly and clever dolphins are, but a dolphin approaching a snorkeler to ask for belly rubs, sounds like something pretty hard to believe. Thankfully, such a remarkable scene was recently caught on camera and it is nothing short of adorable.

Elaine Farrell

Wildlife photographer Elaine Farrell was waiting the ferry in Inis Oirr – a tiny island from Ireland’s Aran Islands – when she spotted the most adorable scene. An extremely friendly bottlenose dolphin was having the time of its life as an obliging snorkeler was spoiling it with belly rubs. So, she quickly grabbed her camera and filmed the beautiful moment.

Elaine Farrell

As it later turned out, the marine creature followed the snorkeler and eventually, they shared a very sweet moment. The woman can be seen sitting on her boat while the dolphin is rolling over into the water while the snorkeler gently cuddles with it. “I was the only person on the harbour when I noticed someone snorkeling in the water with the dolphin,” the nature photographer explained for the Irish Independent.”

Elaine Farrell

But apparently, this wasn’t the first time the two were interaction each other. The dolphin – named Dusty – is a local celebrity, and every time he sees divers he rushed to them to ask for hugs. It is what also happened this time! “They swam alongside each other,” Elaine said. “Then, the dolphin following the swimmer when she got out of the water, rolling over to have his belly rubbed. Dusty clearly enjoyed the human contact.”

The two unlikely friends continued to enjoy their encounter for a couple of hours! Watch the adorable moment, here:

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