Labrador clings to owner during hug after life-saving surgery

Once you welcome a pet in your home, it’s like you’ve welcomed a family member. Pets become part of our life and even the thought of losing them one day would makes us feel sad and heartbroken. So, when this man was told how his dog had to undergo a surgery, it felt like his world collapsed. He was pretty concerned and couldn’t help but wonder if everything was going to turn out as he hoped. The dog had a lump on his neck that had to be removed as soon as possible.

Facebook/ Screenshot

During the surgery, the owner didn’t leave the hospital even for a moment. He was eager to hear good news from the doctors. After everything was over and the surgery went well, his dog, covered in stitches, embraced his owner and didn’t want to let go. The two stayed hugged for a log time and it was the most touching scene between a dog and his owner that we’ve ever witnessed.

Facebook/ Screenshot

The video below shows the emotional reunion and it’s a perfect example of the love dogs feel for their owners. They are forever thankful for everything we do for them and they know how to show their gratitude. Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. You can watch the touching moment, here:

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