Devoted dog sneaks away from temporary home to search for vacationing mum at her job

Dogs are known for the incredible loyalty they show, yet some of them are overly attached to their human parents. These furry companions simply cannot live without their owners, and this adorable dog named Indy is nothing but the same.

When Liza Thayer, Indy’s human mom, went to a wedding, she left her doggie at her parents place. A very obedient dog, Indy is such a good girl, and apparently a very smart one too. But Liza had no worries her baby would cause any problems and she’ll stay with her grandparents for a few hours. That’s what Liza thought, though, but Indy had a very different opinion.


Liza who works at an assisted living facility in Connecticut had frequently taken Indy at work with her, so the jovial dog was very familiar with the place. However, in order to attend one of her best friends’ wedding, Liza left Indy with his dad. Only the clever dog has seen things in different light. She just thought her mom forgot her there, so she came up with a plan to escape.


It only took a distraction for Indy to loose her way from Liza’s parents’ home. And the only place she could have gone was her mom’s work place, only she wasn’t there. Luckily there were her colleagues who recognized Indy straight away. The poor dog simply run the two miles distances, yet her favorite human was nowhere to be seen.


“I truly didn’t believe it!” Liza said. “She takes the drive with me every day, but I never imagined she would do this. Thankfully, the residents let her in and waited with her, feeding her all her favorite treat.”

The heartwarming scene was caught on by a security camera. Take a peek:

After all, Indy’s adventure wasn’t all in vain. Even though she couldn’t find her mum, her colleagues spoiled her with plenty of treats (not too many, let’s hope). She was the eventually driven home by Liza’s boss, to her granddad’s relief who was desperately searching for her.

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