Devoted eagle mom protects her eggs even when she’s covered in snow

When it comes down to protect her babies, impossible is nothing for a mother. Nothing shows this better than this loyal eagle who keeps her nest safe and her eggs warm, despite being completely covered in snow. The incredible scene unfolded in Shepherdstown, West Virginia and the moment was caught on by a wildlife camera!

Facebook/National Conservation Training Center

Footage showing the stoic mother enduring the harsh condition was initially shared on Facebook by the National Conservation Training Center. Wildlife officers are keeping an eye on these bald eagles’ nest using a wildlife camera. The mother, named Bella and father Smitty are hatching their eggs in this 100ft up nest since 2011.

As the video shows it, this pair make some incredibly devoted parents. Something very common among bald eagles who are ready to do everything to protect the nest, even if that includes to get covered in snow and face freezing temperatures.

Facebook/National Conservation Training Center

“The eagles are amazingly good parents,” said Randy Robinson, specialist of the National Conservation Training Center. “They will sit on the eggs night and day, 24/7.”

Bald eagles usually lay eggs in early spring, so sometimes they have to endure tough weather conditions, including snowfalls and freezing temperatures, but that doesn’t stop them to keep the nest warm. In fact, hatching early comes as a big advantage for the chicks.

National Audubon Society

“They mate very early in the year in January or February, and they lay their eggs very early, so the weather is very bad with snow and ice like we’ve seen here the last couple weeks,” Robinson said. “The major advantage of laying eggs so early is that the young ones hatch early. And when these young ones hatch in mid-March, there will be plentiful food.”

Watch eagle mother Bella protecting her eggs with any costs!

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